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Website Garage Services

All our sites are built by our own in-house team. No agencies and No middlemen guarantee not only the best price but a simple project flow that get your site built quicker, with less of your time required.

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Website Planning

Do you require a New Website?

With the rise in the use of mobile devices to explore the internet, it would only make sense for you to get a website with a responsive design. So whether it’s a tablet, a mobile phone or even a desktop computer, you are sure to have quality user experience on all platforms. We make sure we never lose touch on quality website optimization as we design your website to meet the fast-growing trends of the internet.

Existing site need a Re-Tune?

With the rise in the use of mobile devices to explore the internet, it would only make sense review your current website. We re-would design your website in such a way that it can be viewed and accessed by any device with an internet browser, not just a computer.

Digital Retune
Voice Search

Voice Search has arrived!

If you’re looking for a new way to boost traffic on your website, it’s time to leverage voice search. It not only helps improve ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs ) but also improves the user experience. One of the most important signals that Google is emphasizing today for ranking, is, of course, user experience.

Voice search users get the answers they need faster, this reduces negative signals like high bounce rates.

Domain Name Garage

Whether you are launching a new brand, introducing a new product, embarking on a fresh marketing campaign or dislodging a cybersquatter. We can help you to secure the Domain Names that are valuable to your business.

If a Domain Name you have previously owned has expired or is now owned by a someone else, we can help track it and secure it for you.

We also have advanced research and monitoring tools that combined with fast reaction systems, that will access the Domain name Drop Auction registries to get your Domain Name registered or back to you. We will also partner registries to ensure we get your name before a third party tries to register it.

Domain Names
Website Design and Build

Designing Your Future

The websites we build are not a cheap little template. When purchased we update all our websites to a WordPress platform, the ‘gold standard’ for website construction. The Websites we build have not only been designed to look great on a mobile device but it is fast-loading, and has been optimised for the growing trend of Voice Search.

You will buy the system outright – a one-off payment and you own it all. You’re not leasing or renting. If you’d like more leads and you’re looking for a simple, effective approach, then I believe this system will work brilliantly for you.

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